A study from Harvard Business Review found there is an 18% difference in revenue growth between organisations that have a defined formal sales process and organisations that didn’t. To be able to manage and track sales opportunities is an essential part of sales CRM to help accelerate growth. It helps create well-defined stages that help sales teams and partners drive them to closure. We provide customised stages that keep evolving as the business grows. Sales teams and partners can also track, measure, monitor and access the sales CRM on web and mobile platforms.

Contact Management

Manage all the contacts with our sales CRM that allows you to turn simple databases into effective sales strategies. The contact information helps track the behaviours, interests and activities of the potential customers while helping sales teams and partners create a more personalised and targeted engagement with their customers. It includes:

  • Customer database creation
  • Activity details and more

Lead Management

This feature allows sales teams and partners to move leads from one stage to another based on their activity. Lead stages are an important part of the sales funnel and pipeline that helps you understand and distinguish your leads’ sales journey. For example, New lead> Engaged> Quote Sent> Won> Requirement> Dropped are some of the stages as per the cycle growth. It helps:

  • Customised lead stages
  • Lead stage view
  • Auto-assigned lead stages

Engagement Scores

With every engagement stage, each customer is assigned an engagement score based on the intensity of the interest shown. The higher the engagement score the better the opportunity for conversion. It also helps sellers and partners prioritise their customers based on their interest and engagement online. It includes:

  • Engagement details
  • Interest intensity

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