Many organisations prefer sales training & coaching as sales readiness and enablement strategy to help their teams perform better. Most sales channels don’t have enough understanding and knowledge about products and services to create a pitch that makes them sales-ready. Hence, to eliminate the hassle of inconsistent messaging, companies can provide their teams with a go-to sales enablement software that is well-integrated with training and coaching materials to improve sales pitches and revenue opportunities. Sales teams and partners need consistent learning and motivation to set new milestones and achievements for both companies and themselves. Here are some of the important features.

Sales Training Content

Skill development and learning can play an integral part in enhancing the sales pitch of the sales teams and partners. With SalesPanda’s sales training module, resolve the challenges of your sales teams and partners while pitching a product or service to customers. For a better sales pitch and product understanding they get:

  • Well-structured courses & lessons
  • Relevant learning materials

Quiz & Certification

Another important aspect of improving sales ability is to test the learning of these sellers and partners by conducting quizzes & certifying them. With our sales training software, evaluate the learning and product awareness of your sales teams and partners to boost their confidence and morale. It includes:

  • Course based quizzes
  • Certificate of course completion


To deal effectively with customer-facing scenarios sales teams and partners should have the necessary guidance from experienced seniors. With SalesPanda’s sales enablement module, sales teams and partners can get guidance from senior mentors by requesting a call or raising a query on the platform. The queries are resolved through various mediums to boost their competitive spirit and enthusiasm contributing to better business growth. It includes:

  • Scheduling of zoom calls
  • Guidance from seniors
  • Quick assistance over phone calls

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