Sales run on communication from starting a pitch to closing a deal, it helps support customers' journey and also works to bridge the gap between sales teams and marketing efforts. Hence, it is important to build a communication channel without overwhelming and distracting teams from their goals. Hence, they need the latest updates, events, and information that’s easily accessible and helps them establish sales communication. The main objective of effective sales communication is to provide sales teams and partners with the right set of information, at the right time and in the right place.

Events & Announcements

To create an engaging experience while leaving a lasting impression, it is important to keep your teams updated. With SalesPanda, sales teams and partners get instant updates of the activities or events happening in the organisation to keep them informed and aware. These can include:

  • Leadership events
  • Team building events
  • Conferences & meets

Contest Alerts

To keep sales teams and partners motivated and engaged, the company can execute contests to boost healthy competition and increase overall team morale. With SalesPanda’s sales communication feature, companies can push the entire team to reach collective new heights by conducting:

  • Product-related contests
  • Brand awareness contests
  • Marketing-related contests & more

Rewards & Recognition

Organisations can appreciate and acknowledge the work of their sales teams and partners to demonstrate their value to the organisation. This can work as a great employee engagement strategy to increase retention and also create a more positive overall workplace environment. It also helps improve organisational value, enhance team efforts, and eventually customer satisfaction. It can include:

  • Performance-based rewards
  • Employee recognition programs
  • Achievement-based rewards & more

Incentive Dashboard

Better view of the activities performed and the impact it generates can be a positive form of encouragement. The incentive dashboard helps sales teams and partners get a detailed view of targets and milestones achieved by them. The dashboard provides a quarterly and annual view of targets that are easy to understand and also helps analyse their growth. The dashboards include:

  • Club dashboard
  • Contest dashboard
  • Target/Achievement dashboard

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