A detailed view of the customer engagement cycle and tracking can help with smooth funnel movement. It also helps provide valuable insights to generate compelling offers for your audience. Engagement and tracking are essential parts of SalesPanda’s advanced sales CRM where sales teams and partners can easily track, manage and engage customers effectively. This feature provides a view into the content and campaigns where your customers are more involved, how influential these campaigns and do they require any modification or optimisation.

Nudges & Recommendations

Based on the activity performed by sales teams and partners while using the platform and engagement shown by a visitor online, they get recommendations to take the next step. As an advanced CRM for sales acceleration, our platform helps identify opportunities that have better conversion chances. It includes features such as:

  • Task recommendations
  • Content recommendations
  • Real-time alerts

Trackable Links

To know about your customers in detail and keep track of their activities online, advanced CRM’s trackable link feature works effectively. Sales teams and partners can share this trackable link along with content or campaigns on various channels. If a customer clicks on the shared link, they receive real-time notification of the same. It provides:

  • Trackable link sharing on email & WhatsApp
  • Real-time notifications
  • Detailed activity view

Reminders & Notifications

Sales teams and partners get suggestions for the next step based on the potential of conversion on different leads. They get frequent reminders of tasks to smoothly move on to the next step of the sales cycle and take timely follow-ups. They also get notified of all the activities taking place online to get better visibility of the funnel movement and breakdown of each sales opportunity. It includes:

  • Activity notifications
  • To-do list creation
  • Active reminders

Task Management

This feature is designed to help sales teams and partners manage their day to day tasks in the app and engage their potential prospects better. It allows them to schedule tasks and syncs them with their calendar including all the important details, so they get notified about everyday tasks without missing out on any. It includes:

  • Daily task management
  • Task scheduling
  • Calendar sync

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